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What People Are Saying About Us

The most satisfying part of our work is when we delight those who sell their property to us.

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“Selling “As Is” – Typically, investors offer to purchase a property “as is,” many times sight unseen. As a seller, that allows you to avoid any costly repairs that would normally be considered your financial responsibility.”



“Fast Closings – There are investors who can close within 7 days. How is that possible? Because the sale of the property is not reliant on approved financing, appraised values, home inspections, or the like; bypassing all of these steps expedites the process considerably.”


“Laurel is the real deal. She locked arms with us and got us to the goal line. Thanks to Laurel and her team. We are now home owners!”

Monica L.

“Laurel is a straight shooter and a pleasure to work with. She does what she says. I appreciate the work she is doing to help families buy houses and owners to sell them. This has been a win/win for all concerned.”

Deborah C.

“Laurel is an amazing person with tremendous values and principles. She is a real people person and always shows a willingness to help others. Her experience in real estate investing and knowledge of construction and how to create value makes her a priceless participant on any team or transaction. Most of all, I love her positive attitude, kind and gentle demeanor, and desire to give back and serve the community.”

Sadhna R.

“Laurel did a great job of helping us accomplish our goal of becoming first time home buyers. She answers every question without hesitiation making a stress free process!”

Bailey H.

“Laurel you are awesome! She helped me when no one else could. Laurel is a real sweet heart. Highly recommended!!! Thank you!!!!”

Debbie J.

“With rent to owns, you can lock in the sales prices and terms upfront, allowing you to purchase the house at a below-market price in a few years”

Rich A.

“Very professional-went above and beyond to get deal done. Honest and helpful!”

Patrick J.

“Laurel, thank you so much for your help! We could not have done this without you”

Yeng N.

“I sold a house to Laurel recently and it could not have been a better experience. Laurel is professional, honest, and forthright. I would highly recommend giving Laurel a call whether you are buying or selling. Thank you Laurel for making everything go smoothly!!”

Colleen Z.

“Laurel bought a home from us. Completed the transaction fast, efficiently , and as promised. Was a great experience dealing with her.”

Sharon K.

“Laurel is the best!! She is very honest and really wants to help people. I highly recommend her if you are looking to sell or buy your home”

Cyndy D.

“Really great working with Laurel I’m glad to have done busness with her. She worked around my schedule which is all over the place. Closed faster on the house than I thought. Anyone wanting to sell a house I will recommend Laurel to them. Thank you so much Laurel!!!”

Chris L.

“Quite often buyers are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with he growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing. Laurel was so patient and knowledgeable about how to get the best offer for my property. Her explanation of the process really decreased my stress. It really helps when someone can identify different options to solve the problem. Thanks so much Laurel! “

D Williams

“Laurel is very easy to work with and consistently helps ensure our transactions close with no issues. Highly recommend!”

James B.

“Laurel was a great lady to work with. She took my personal needs into consideration and agreed to the price I was asking. Se kept me in the know during the whole process. She made the process as quick and painless as possible. Thank you Laurel.”

Martha M.

“I would highly recommend Laurel! She does what she says ad is going to do. Her communication through the process was seamless. Thank you!”

Ryan M.

“Laurel has been amazing to work with! She is a no nonsense person in all her transactions. She always wants a win win solution for everyone involved in her deals. A real pleasure to work with.”

Susan K.

“Laurel is a wonderful person to work with. Always there in a moments notice. Her service she provides to her clients is nothing short of top notch. I cant thank her enough for the help she provided selling my family home.”

James K.

“Laurel made my long distanced home sale so effortless. She handled everything, I had no doubts as to her fairness, honesty, Integrity and ambition to get it closed quickly. She is an energetic go getter who has a compassionate, professional attitude and down to earth demeanor. You can trust that she’s doing her best to serve your best interests. Thank you Laurel DeGrand!”

Ann M.

“Laurel Buys Houses is the real deal!!! Ms. Laurel can help anyone. If you’re curious [pick the phone or shoot her a message. Thank You Laurel for your expertise.”

Alyssa F.

“Laurel is the BEST!!!!! Very professional, knowledgeable and also very kind and easy to work with! I would highly recommend using Laurel for all of your real estate needs! You won’t be disappointed.”

Karyn N.

“I highly recommend Laurel! She knows Milwaukee real estate. She is a problem solver and found a way to help me when no one else could.”

Tami C.

“Laurel was extremely helpful with our house situation! She is a great communicator, and really listened to what we were trying to accomplish! I giver her my highest recommendation and you cant go wrong working with her.”

Brian C.

“I have worked with Laurel in one of my business setting and know her to be trustworthy and of superior character.”

Mr. C

“I had a great experience with Laurel. She helped me with my house and handled  everything. Definitely would work with her again.”

Angel L.

“It was a genuine pleasure doing business with Laurel. She strives to create a win/win situation for all parties concerned. We sold one property to her. The experience was so satisfying that a few months later we decide t o sell another property to her. The transactions were done so effortlessly and smoothly that you can hardly believe it. Laurel takes the worry and hassle out of selling your property.”

Pamela A.

“Great person to work with and she keeps the buyers’ interest in mind. Highly recommend her.”

Sheri A.

“Laurel answered all my questions and helped in every way. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Brad P.

“Laurel has been a great big help working with me to sell my house. She is always very responsive, and takes an extra mile to answer any questions that I may have. I would definitely recommend her if you need help selling your home.”

Shanti W.

“Thank you Laurel for your hard work and honesty. It was a pleasure to work with you. You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much!”

Candy M.

“Laurel is very easy to work with and gave me the price I wanted for my house. She took care of all the details and closed quickly. Thanks Laurel”

Helen L.